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  • www.thutrongseafood.com - Surimi -
  • www.thutrongseafood.com - Surimi -


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Founded in 2000, more than a decade of improving product quality and customer service,Thu Trong Company has become one of the leading suppliers of seafood in the seafood sector.

With a team of experienced technical and commercial products have been certified in accordance with standard EUCODE, HACCP ... The company has been continuously striving to better serve customers with increasingly high requirements.

 The company has invested in upgrading and adding equipment in process technology, science should constantly improve production efficiency, product quality standards in export markets like the EU, Japan, Korea, China, Singapre, Thailand ... .. The company expanded into the export market has increased the value of exports, gradually became one of the reputable enterprises on domestic and foreign markets.


  • www.thutrongseafood.com - Surimi -

  • www.thutrongseafood.com - Surimi -

  • www.thutrongseafood.com - Surimi -

Export Market

www.thutrongseafood.com - Surimi - Export Market

Our main products to this market are many kinds of cuttle-fish. Every year, the export market share of Thu Trong to countries is about 5%. The outstanding feature of aquatic product trading operation of EU is trading import-export aquatic product business essentially taken place inside member states (83%).